Rambo Radish

Appearance: Shades of Purple and pulpy
Tasting notes: Mild spicy

Swiss Chard Ruby Red

Appearance: Bright Red stems with Green leaves.
Tasting notes: Earthy


Appearance: Smooth green
Tasting notes: Cilantro but 10 times punchier!

Red Arrow Radish

Appearance: Pink-Red stem with green leaves
Tasting notes: Spice Kick


Appearance: Green leaves with white stems
Tasting notes: Fresh Broccoli flavor


Appearance: Pink leaves with Pink stems
Tasting notes: Fresh and earthy

Purple Kohlrabi

Appearance: Green leaves, purple under stem
Tasting notes: Fresh Brassica Flavor


Appearance: Light green with frilly true leaves
Tasting notes: Mustard flavor

Cabbage Red Acre

Appearance: Dark green leaves, purple stem
Tasting notes: Earthy brassica flavor

Red Garnett Mustard

Appearance: Red leaves with green true leaf
Tasting notes: Strong mustard flavor

Pea Tendrils

Appearance: Pea shoots with Tendrils
Tasting notes: Sweet peas

Pea Shoots

Appearance: Fleshy green stems
Tasting notes: Sweet peas


Appearance: Fan shaped true leaf
Tasting notes: Just like Parsley!

Swiss Chard - Plush

Appearance: Green leaves with plush stems
Tasting notes: Earthy flavor

Brassica Mix

Appearance: Shades of green leaves
Tasting notes: Fresh Brassica flavor


Appearance: Light green with meaty appearance
Tasting notes: Strong basil flavor


Appearance: Delicate leaves
Tasting notes: Fresh, minty flavor


Appearance: Green leaves
Tasting notes: Fresh Brassica flavor

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